Concessions and relaxations to Policyholders affected by Massive Fire at Paravur’s Puttingal Devi Temple, Kollam (Kerala).

Ref: CO/CMR /Claims /2016-17/92

12thApril, 2016

All Zonal Managers
All Regional Managers(CRM)

Re:Concessions and relaxations to Policyholders affected by Massive Fire at Paravur’s
Puttingal Devi Temple, Kollam (Kerala).

The recent massive fire at Paravur’s Temple, Kollam,Kerala has caused loss of lives and property.
In order to mitigate the hardships faced by the claimants in respect of settlement of claims, it has been decided to provide the following relaxations to the Policyholders affected by the said fire accident:

A)    Settlement of Claim:
1)    Early/Non-early of Claims:  If the death claim or disability was due to the fire accident ,the claim should be treated as non-early, irrespective can be dispensed of the policy .Hence , the claim forms B, B1,C,E etc and Branch level itself up to the financial power of BMC as applicable to non-early claims.

2) Abridged Claim Form A:  Wherever the cause of death has been proved as due to the above incident  the abridged claim from A can be used.
3)Proof of Death:
a) Proof of death can be submitted in the form of certificate issued by any Government Machine. wherever  available ,and the same should be accepted. Such evidence may be in the form of entry in the register of births and Deaths or panchanama, Police inquest Report or Post Morten Report.
b)where Central/State Government or any Municipal Authority has paid compensation or made any ex-Gratia payment on account of death of the life Assured due to the above incident ,it should also be treated as a satisfactory evidence of death for the purpose of settlement of death claims.
c)Wherever the above conditions are not satisfied a certificate issued by the concerned Agent to the effect that he was personally aware of the death of the policyholder should be accepted as alternative proof of the death provided the Agency is in force for more then 10year and the Agent is at least a Divisional Manager/Chairman’s Club Member or the Development Officer concerned (confirmed)can also certify the death of the life Assured.

4) Title: Wherever the Title is open;procedure for waiver of legal Evidence of Title may be adopted insisting for indemnity bond. Similarly wherever necessary Guardianship certificates can be waived.
5) Missing persons: cases of missing persons have to be decided on the merit of circumstantial evidences indemnity bond as prescribed in the Claims Manual may be Obtained in all such cases.
6) Double Accident &Disability Benefit : if the cause of death is proved due to the above incident DAB wherever payable may be released without insisting on Police Report  Hospital record may be called for.
7) Age proof: we may dispense with the age proof wherever age is not  admitted.
Statistics relating to the number of death claims intimated and settled arising out of the fire accident may be gathered form the divisional Offices EVERY WEEK by the zonal Office.
Please note that the provisions of these concessions and relaxations may be treated as valid up to 31stMay 2016.
The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all Office under your jurisdiction

Executive  Director (CRM)


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